“We Are Tired.”

Yesterday afternoon I spoke at a press conference minutes after our hearing about an injunction to block Muslim Ban 3.0. This week has been one of the toughest in my professional career. I began the week receiving dozens of emails from people around the world who were afraid of what the ban would do to their lives. Iranians living in Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, and other parts of the world asked us to keep fighting for them because their lives are in limbo and they don’t know what to do. One lamented about not being able to sit in the courtroom in person because she’s banned, so I asked members of our network to attend in her place, and in place of the others affected by the ban.

We’re the outcome of what happens when Iranians are allowed to live in America. We shouldn’t be invisible. It’s easier to ban what you don’t see.

Here’s a clip of me from the press conference:

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